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In 1998 Simon & Tamara Ford founded Sleeping With The Enemy, a community based independent accommodation ecosystem for international students & working travellers.

House dynamics were tribal in nature. Governed by house rules & self managed cleaning systems, policed by management…

…powered by a rewards program that awarded points to lodgers that cleaned and deducted points from lodgers who didn’t.

  • 450 Working Holiday Lodgers throughout 15 properties
  • Lodgers earned points for cleaning
  • Local businesses gave away product for points
  • Local businesses purchased advertising with points they earned giving away product

From Leveraging Technology to Pioneer a Community Based Approach to Shared Living… 

To Pioneering a Loyalty & Reward Approach to Personal Transport

Most people equate marketing with selling and advertising. But the focus of “Getting the word out” serves only to distract from the more important tasks of delivering high service levels and better aligning solutions to end users who already love what you do.

NeedARide.CLUB has, through our local transfer business massed a client base of more than 10,000 clients who have travelled to the Sunshine Coast from all over Australia. Many accruing reward points they have been unable to redeem outside South East Qld.

Now points sitting in their digital wallets can be redeemed through private transfer drivers / operators throughout Australia. South East Qld bookings will continue to be fulfilled by our own (NeedARide.GROUP) fleet of vehicles / drivers.

Private transfer bookings outside South East Qld will be fulfilled by local driver / operators who adhere to the benefits of driving members redeeming reward points, and who pass ongoing quality assurance checks including a robust member feedback loop. 


Having founded 6 startups in a career spanning 30 years and successfully building two into multi- million dollar enterprises the NeedARide.GROUP founder, Simon Ford, has a proven ability to make things happen.

A preference for working against the odds & committed to breaking barriers that break others, Simon see’s opportunity where others see problems and loves the phrase; “If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.”

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